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I promised myself that I would always introduce my kids to something new whenever possible. I want them to experience things that would make them say ooohh, aahh, and wow. Things that would make them realize how amazing our world is and that there’s so much to see. 

Last Friday was Yuri’s 2nd birthday. My husband took a leave and I told him that we should do something different. I want to take them to the zoo since I know I can relate the animals to almost all the animated movies we see everyday. It would be easier for the kids to connect between reality and fantasy. 

Luckily, there’s an indoor zoo in Pasig, Ark Avilon Zoo, which is currently 50% off. It’s a small place but such a big dimension for my children. We got to feed a bearcat with bananas and crocodiles with chicken heads. There were also lions, tigers, jaguars and leopards. For such a small zoo, those wild animals were a plus. 

Although my kids couldn’t express themselves fully yet, especially Yuri, I know that they had fun. Caleb had a lot of questions and he was so game in feeding. He didn’t even get scared. His favorite was the tortoise. 

We also took the kids to Kidzoona. They’ve been there before but they were still excited and happy. 

It’s so nice to see our kids explore, experience and remember different activities. Caleb even included in his prayer every detail we did at the zoo. That I know he cherished every moment. I promise to continue letting them see the wonders of the world. 

Happy mom,



First Day High

*posted a day late*

I am here now in my son’s school waiting for his class to finish. It’s his first day and I opted to stay just in case he feels overwhelmed. I don’t want him to feel abandoned so, I made myself available the entire afternoon. I left Yuri to my mom.
I wanted to see him in class – whether he’s participating or just feeling lonely in one corner. Obviously, I couldn’t. He wouldn’t let go of me earlier until the teachers took charge.

I wonder how my child would turn out few years from now. I want him to just be normal. I don’t want him to feel pressured and push himself to study hard just so he excels in class. I don’t want him to slack either. Growing up, my parents just wanted me to pass my subjects. No pressure at all. I just want him to learn proper values, know the basics, and to stand on his own. If eventually, he wants to be a doctor, I’d be more than happy because it’s my frustration. If he wants to be in a corporate world, so be it. If he’s talented enough and wants to join a musical play, then I’ll let him be. His Dad and I will support him all the way.

I hope he isn’t a bully or the one being bullied. Lately, he’s been spanking his brother whenever he thinks he’s done something wrong. Hopefully, he’ll outgrow it. I hope he’s someone who everybody wants to be with. Okay, maybe someone like his father. Between the two of us, he’s the one who’s more outgoing. I just didn’t want to admit it in front of him. Haha.

For now, I want him to live his toddler life to the fullest, meet friends, and just enjoy school as it is. Let’s see where it goes.

Mom of a schoolboy,

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Sibling love or rivalry? 

Sometimes I think that I’m being selfish for having a second child just 1.5 years after my eldest. Selfish because Caleb could have gotten more attention solely for him during his toddler years. However, when you look at it, Yuri could also have had plenty of regard when he was still a newborn. I’ll be honest, I had a hard time in trying to exclusively breastfeed Yuri because half of my attention was with his Kuya, who obviously still longed for his mother.

I feared sibling rivalry. I don’t want them to be the best enemies but rather be the best of friends.

Looking at them now, they’ve become so attached with each other. Caleb’s first person to look for when he wakes up is Yuri. Well, that’s when he has already assured my presence. Yuri, on the other hand, is fine to be left with his Kuya alone even for a long time.

There are times when Caleb is being a kuya already. He wipes his brother’s saliva or snot. He knows the difference of their bottles and he makes sure his brother gets the right one. I even caught him singing a lullaby when Yuri was sleeping habang hinihimas-himas ang ulo. He also (tries) to teach him how to pronounce words. Most importantly, he whispers when Yuri is asleep.

Here’s a video I secretly took while they were playing.

Some say Caleb shows jealousy over Yuri. That, I cannot confirm. Or maybe I’m in denial? What’s important is I know for sure that I am being fair all the time. No favoritism.

But to see them so close and bonded makes me think that maybe I am doing something right in raising them into beautiful boys after all.


Happy Vibe

Today was errands day with my eldest son, Caleb. He has matured enough at age 2.10 in such a way that going out with him can be a breeze. Although he is still fascinated with the windows, locks and all else he can click and touch, he can be persuaded to behave at least for a little while. Just enough time for me to recover from the noise and distractions he makes.

This day was all about him and I considered it a Mom and Kuya date since it’s just us the entire day. Here’s what we were up to:

A. School

We went to his school, which is just within the vicinity of our village. V and I decided to enroll him as a sit-in student to develop his social skills since he can be very shy at times. It’s on a monthly basis, so it’s a good start for him to just experience what is it like to be a student. He’ll go to school for 2 hours Mondays through Fridays in uniform and black shoes. And oh! He’ll have a PE uniform, too. *excited mom here*

While waiting in the receiving area, there was a queue of kids getting ready to be dismissed. It’s nice that despite being strangers to each other, these innocent youngsters warmly welcomed Caleb to their school. Some said ‘hi’, gave him a high five, and others smiled. Now, I’m a bit relieved to know that the term OUT OF PLACE is not part of those children’s vocabulary.

Me: Caleb, look, they’re done with school for today and they’re about to go home.

Caleb: Leleb’s toyrn (turn).

It’s good to see and hear that he is somewhat excited to this new chapter of his life. Well, it’s going to be exhilarating not just for him but for the entire family – new routine and all.

B. Doctor’s Clinic

He is scheduled to take his vaccine today as well, so right after we enrolled we went straight to the hospital. I didn’t tell him that he’ll get ‘tusok’ because I fear that he’ll be in a bad mood and might even throw a tantrum (and I might have one, too). Lucky, he’s all happy today.

When the shot was given, he didn’t wince nor cry. He just sat there and observed. The supportive and proud mom then gave praises of “Wow! You’re so brave. Good job, Kuya!” You know, these simple words can boost self-esteem a lot, so it is a MUST. Never forget, dear moms. My very pleased son then said, “Mommy, Leleb no cry!” with a smile.

My son is developing so fast sometimes I get surprised that he’s reached that level already. But, I couldn’t be any prouder of all the things he’s accomplished and accomplishing even if it’s just things like shampooing his hair or brushing his teeth.