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Daily Prompt: Imaginary

I taught my children how to play pretend. I thought at first that they wouldn’t get it but after several exaggerated act outs, I have instilled it in them.

Once, Caleb was holding a cup from the stacking toy set and I requested for him to make me coffee. He was clueless of what I meant. Then I instructed him to open the cabinet, inside is a dispenser where he can get hot water. Then he approached me while holding the cup and I told him to walk carefully because it’s hot. When he gave me the cup, I acted as if I dropped it and coffee was all over the floor. We then took a towel to wipe the mess.

I remember how much he laughed and liked the new pretend game of dropping the coffee. I was glad he got the idea. From then on, we leveled up to making hot Milo, blowing my birthday cake, eating ice cream, and munching on a spoonful of whatever food it was on their minds.

“Sssh, Yuri’s sleeping”, Caleb told me one afternoon. It wasn’t nap time so I doubted him. “Are you sure?”, I said. Then I checked on his little brother who was wide awake. I told him that he’s joking and he said, “Only pretend.” and giggled.

Kids’ imagination is so broad that sometimes I get startled at what my kids are playing. I’m so glad I was able to teach them the skill of imagination at an early age. It’s a stepping stone to something bigger which when they grow up can take them to places.

Let’s see what other things they can think of in the coming years.

Proud mom,


Daily Prompt

Daily Prompt: Quicken

I’m a mom of two toddlers and there is nothing else I want right now than to have them grow fast!

Well, that’s a little exaggerated and I know I have silently wished for this to happen, but I have never bluntly said it because I know that one day I will regret doing so. The everyday stress and drama of my kids make me want to see them all grown up in a flash.

But life is a process and as a mom it is vital for me to see every milestone that they unlock. I don’t want to one day see myself skipping the moments we’re supposed to share and cherish.

And so, there is no escape in this crazy toddler life. I shall taste every bit of it, remember every tear my kids and I shed, dwell in all types of frustration and anger. Someday, I’ll look at them getting their diplomas or getting married, and I’ll forever be proud that I’ve raised them into who they’ve become.

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Daily Prompt: Candle

My son associates candles with birthdays or anything celebratory. We were watching Big Hero 6 and there was this part where families lit candles for the deceased professor and brother. Caleb was telling me in his toddler language that it was someone’s birthday.

I don’t know if my innocent 2-year old understands death yet. Well, if he sees an insect lying on the floor unconsciously, he tells me it’s dead. He might have heard the word ‘dead’ from me whenever I point out on a mosquito I successfully killed. I think he relates death to something that has ended or won’t happen anymore. But it’s only up to that point.

We humans are like candles – we have two emotions, either up or down. We are so vulnerable. One day we’re happy, next day we’re not. But that doesn’t mean we’re weak. It just means that we are alive and experiencing LIFE. It’s either we light up because we’re ecstatic or we burn ourselves with sorrow and frustration at times. 


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Daily Prompt

Daily Prompt: Clumsy

I am a “by the book” kind of person. Meaning, I like things and activities organized and planned. I am free-spirited but unexpected things scare me.

As a mom, I’d like to know where exactly our destination is if we’re going on a trip. I want to know how long we will be staying there and what kind of environment we will be faced with. OC moms like me would understand that my main concern is about the quantity of clothes, diapers and milk to bring. Add to it all other necessities like snacks, toys, etc. I want to be armed in case something unwanted happens.

But life really doesn’t always go according to how we planned it. Despite how careful we are, we fall under the “trap” or challenges and become clumsy at times. Those clumsiness are the rocky roads we needed to take – no short cuts.

I got pregnant unexpectedly. That could be considered as a “clumsy” act. My then boyfriend and I had to deal (especially on my part) with all the talkings behind my back, the disappointments and the pre-marital dramas. But it wasn’t a dreadful phase because I decided to be positive. I closed my doors to those who judged me instead of supporting me.

Now, I don’t regret anything. Let me clear that, I never regretted anything. I mean, what could be more wonderful than bearing another human being/s to this world, right?

All the clumisness along the way happens for a reason. We can’t control it. We are destined for it. We just have to take it all and live with it, and eventually, life will be falling according to how you planned it. You don’t lose anything, you only gain learnings and experiences.

Love, B.


Daily Prompt

Daily Prompt: Promises

Moms make AND break promises. Yes, I am guilty of that.

Imagine a 2-year old whining because he was asked to stand in the corner for spanking his brother. Here comes my 1-year old spanking his older brother but doesn’t get reprimanded for it. I mean, where’s the consistency? What would my 2-year old think? Well, I just think that my 1-year old still doesn’t get the system so I just let him pass.

If you have kids like mine who are toddlers in close gap, your life would probably be about being bipolar – one moment you’re the sweetest mom a child could ask, the next minute you’re what they call a monster mom. So please, give me some consideration when I fail to keep my promises because my kids drive me crazy.

Here are a few promises I vowed to do. Some I managed to keep and others I..let’s just say no such promise was made. Haha!

To wake up every morning telling myself that I wouldn’t get mad.

To not shout at all cost. 

To not give chocolates or any treats unless they’ve had a proper meal.

To not give in to their requests despite unstoppable whinings. 

To brush their teeth everyday.

To not hate the indefinite times I needed to wash their bottles.

To act cool even at the verge of emotional explosion! 

To act interested in the animated movie you’ve seen many times. 

To see both kids as little angels and not rascals. 

Although, my life right now is a series of emotionally unstable events, the one promise I will solemnly swear to is to raise my kids into well-mannered, respectable, and lovable human beings. 

So far, the 2 years of mommy-ing shows results that I am pleased of. 🙂


Daily Prompt

Daily Prompt: Flattery

Being flattered means getting smitten and all red because someone has acknowledged you for something that you are proud of.

For me, it’s when

I get a thumbs up with my cooking. 

I get positive remarks with my entire human being such as being a good person, etc. 

I get recognized for being an acceptable and amazing mother. 

My kids have done something that made others happy. 

Being flattered is different from one person to the other. But all of it comes down to feeling happy and pleased with one’s self. It’s a joyful vibe and being joyous should always be present in one’s day.

I say, let’s always find good in every person that we meet everyday. Look at the positive things that that person has. Try to speak out what you think will flatter that person. Trust me, you’ll make his/her day one of the best. 🙂