Club Genil Baon

*still improving my flatlays* MONDAY Caleb started school one day ahead of Yuri. Thus, the baon for one below. My mother-in-law gave me Sumang Taal which is Caleb's favorite. TUESDAY The highlight of this day's baon is the garlic bread. They both love this for snacks. Cheese slices is also one of their favorites. Yuri … Continue reading Club Genil Baon


PBJ, Ham and Bananas

I noticed that Caleb has been eating better lately. By better I mean, he eats SOMETHING compared to NOTHING (other than his milk and crackers). So, here I am putting extra effort so I could further encourage this toddler to eat. He isn't a peanut butter lover but these are pinwheels made of peanut butter … Continue reading PBJ, Ham and Bananas