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PBJ, Ham and Bananas

I noticed that Caleb has been eating better lately. By better I mean, he eats SOMETHING compared to NOTHING (other than his milk and crackers). So, here I am putting extra effort so I could further encourage this toddler to eat.

He isn’t a peanut butter lover but these are pinwheels made of peanut butter and strawberry jam. He ate it all! Yey!

For protein source, I just gave him sliced ham. I also let him have that during breakfast but he refused to eat it. So, I was surprised that he finished everything from his baon.

Lastly, bananas. It’s my go-to baon because I know he loves it. Madali lang mangitim once peeled.

I pray and hope that he continues to increase his appetite. I really believe that eating with his classmates during recess made him a little interested with food.

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Starting Over Again

Today is Monday and is Caleb’s fourth day in school. He lost the ‘school vibe’ over the weekend, so today he cried again. Last Friday, he already got a hold of school and we went home in a good mood. Now, we’re starting over again. 

I pity him whenever he cries because I feel like we’re forcing him to do something he doesn’t want to do. But they say it’s normal. Some kids couldn’t adapt until their first month. 

I’m waiting for him to get dismissed as I write this and I’m excited to see whether he enjoyed school this time. Also, I want to check what he consumed in his baon. 

I prepared for him bear cookies, grapes sliced in half because I’m too paranoid of choking, Yakult and cheesecake from his Grandma. 

The verdict: he drank his Yakult, finished the bear cookies and had a few pieces left from the grapes selection. Yey! 🙂

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First Attempt

One of the things that excites me in my motherhood journey is the privilege to satisfy my family’s tummy. I love working in the kitchen and preparing my son’s lunchbox is something I look forward to. I know other moms hate this but I think otherwise. 

This is the first baon (lunchbox) I made for my son. I promised myself that I’d always try to incorporate something healthy in his snacks. So, on his first day he had grapes, bananas and some garlic bread. 

When we arrived school, he asked for the grapes and finished it before classes started. Unfortunately, when I checked his box at home after school, he didn’t eat any of the bananas and garlic bread.

Maybe he got overwhelmed with the new environment that he didn’t bother eating. The teacher told me he cried most of the time on this day.