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Pork Adobo

This is my second time to cook Pork Adobo. My first attempt was a success thus came this second batch.

The recipe of this is from my good friend, Marvin, who cooked for us back when I was living in Australia. He cooks it for 3 hours so the meat becomes really soft and tasty. I begged him to share with me the recipe and I’m glad that I’m able to let my family have a taste of it.

When Vincent comes back, I’ll try a chicken version. I hope it will turn out the same.

I never cooked Adobo because it has so many versions. Even my mom has different kinds which she cannot repeat anymore. She has had spicy, sweet, and salty styles, but they never had the same taste when done again. So, I thought cooking Adobo is really complicated. And I have a version in mind (the one from Marvin) which I don’t know how to cook. Luckily, he gave the recipe to me.

It’s so good. Now, we have an additional viand to choose from.

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Chicken Charlie Chan

My mommy friend slept over with her daughter last Wednesday. We try our best to have regular playdates and sleepovers so our kids will have fun. Not to mention us, moms, too, when they’re already asleep. 

I prepared Chicken Charlie Chan for our dinner. This is super close to Yellow Cab’s Charlie Chan. Thank God for the ready made sauce with just a few touches to achieve the taste. 

For our late night bonding, we paired our beers with Nachos and Quesadillas. I made the nachos and Ibay made the Quesadillas. We almost finished everything! 

I look forward to our next sleepover and playdate. I do believe it strengthens our friendship and our kids will grow close to each other as well. 

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Creamy Garlic Pasta

When I cook, I always look for a recipe that has easy to access ingredients. Better yet, a dish that has ingredients that are readily available in the pantry. This is one of them. 

It was my first time to cook this, so I didn’t want to cook too much because chances are, if my family didn’t like it, I might end up eating my own mess. 

Ingredients are super basic:


All purpose cream



I know, it looks dull. I thought so, too. So I attempted to add canned tuna (which again, is in the pantry) but it didn’t taste creamy and garlic-y anymore. So, the tuna went inside the ref and who knows when it will reappear in someone’s plate again. 

My husband said it tastes fine. Fine to him is something acceptible and not something to remember. And yes, he said it lacks meat or anything else other than the pasta. Haha. 

Next time I make this, I’ll add up chicken and mushrooms. 🙂 

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Honey Garlic Chicken

I don’t know what to cook for my husband who only eats chicken, fish and vegetables. I want to cook something new this time so I searched on Pinterest and this is the easiest recipe that I saw. I had all the ingredients in the pantry. 

The recipe calls for thigh and leg parts but I had chicken fillets on hand. I improvised by adding eggplant to make it less dull and some toasted sesame seeds for garnishing. Other than these, I followed the recipe. 

Things to improve:

Chicken is overcooked – hard to bite (I waited till it turned brown as per recipe)

Too sweet. Maybe because I used smaller pieces of chicken? And I didn’t season with salt because again, the recipe didn’t state so. So, there wasn’t a balance between sweet and salty? I’m guessing here. Haha. 

It’s my first time to cook this so I wanted to strictly follow the instructions so that I would know how it really taste like. The next time I’ll make this, I know what to improve to make it to the list of everyone’s favorite. 🙂