Daily Prompt: Imaginary

I taught my children how to play pretend. I thought at first that they wouldn’t get it but after several exaggerated act outs, I have instilled it in them.

Once, Caleb was holding a cup from the stacking toy set and I requested for him to make me coffee. He was clueless of what I meant. Then I instructed him to open the cabinet, inside is a dispenser where he can get hot water. Then he approached me while holding the cup and I told him to walk carefully because it’s hot. When he gave me the cup, I acted as if I dropped it and coffee was all over the floor. We then took a towel to wipe the mess.

I remember how much he laughed and liked the new pretend game of dropping the coffee. I was glad he got the idea. From then on, we leveled up to making hot Milo, blowing my birthday cake, eating ice cream, and munching on a spoonful of whatever food it was on their minds.

“Sssh, Yuri’s sleeping”, Caleb told me one afternoon. It wasn’t nap time so I doubted him. “Are you sure?”, I said. Then I checked on his little brother who was wide awake. I told him that he’s joking and he said, “Only pretend.” and giggled.

Kids’ imagination is so broad that sometimes I get startled at what my kids are playing. I’m so glad I was able to teach them the skill of imagination at an early age. It’s a stepping stone to something bigger which when they grow up can take them to places.

Let’s see what other things they can think of in the coming years.

Proud mom,



One thought on “Daily Prompt: Imaginary

  1. Imaginary play is one of the greatest things we can teach our kids. My twin boys spent hours play acting various things; scenes from Harry Potter and their own made up plays… I loved listening to them…. “you say…… then I say ….. and then you say…..” their imaginations ran wild! 😃🦉


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