Acacia Hotel Staycation

I am a strong believer in having days off and vacations but having such privilege can be costly. So, being the practical mom that I am, I am in constant search for affordable and quality promos. 

I bought our voucher from Deal Grocer weeks before our vacation. After many comparisons to other websites (Agoda, Trivago, etc.), Deal Grocer still has the cheapest price. 

We are from Cainta so going to the South can be considered a new place for us. Therefore, making it a perfect staycation plan. 

I searched for areas to visit but it all led us to malls, which obviously isn’t something new. We then just spent the whole day at the hotel, swam for a few hours (it was cold!), had dinner, put the kids to sleep, and (my most awaited part) Kdrama with my husband with beers and chips. Isn’t it perfect? Everybody’s happy! 

I’m looking forward to our future trips with these two and my husband. They say, it’s better to spend money for memories and experiences rather than buying them toys. 

Happy mom,



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