15 Minutes in Heaven

In my 29 years of existence, I have never felt so relaxed in a short span of 15 minutes in a bathtub. It was my first time to soak myself in a warm bubbly water last Sunday and I never thought how relaxing it could be. 

I have never put any notice in tubs in a hotel until last weekend when my body was sort of calling for it. I used to feel gross about it because I am a germophobe and I can never really tell who have had used the tubs. But then I gave in thinking, “This is the quickest way for me to unwind.”
So I filled it up with warm water and asked for extra shower gel – I wanted to have that very bubbly effect. Without any hesitation, I told my husband that I’m going to use the bathtub or in other words “look after the kids while I relax”. We just had breakfast then and the kids were very active but I didn’t care anymore. It’s now or never. I don’t have much time as we were about to check-out at noon time. 

I soaked my foot and the water felt warmer than I expected. I put a little bit of cold water which didn’t really change much. Then I dipped my entire body and was shocked at myself saying “OMG, ang saraaaap” many times. I savored every minute of it despite getting distracted by my husbands “Caleb, stop it!”, “Yuri, don’t touch that!” dialogues. 

I tried to empty my mind and just be in the moment but let’s face it, you can never really relax when your kids are just a door away from you. Nevertheless, it definitely was the best 15 minutes of my life. From now on, I’ll make sure to use the bathtubs in a hotel whenever it’s available. 

Thankful for the bathtub,



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