Seoul, South Korea 2016


V and I are both K-drama fanatics, so when he told me that we would go to Korea on our 2nd wedding anniversary (October 2016), I cried! 

Way before we got married, we didn’t get the chance to go overseas. We’ve been to local destinations but to go as a couple internationally is really something to look forward to. This was our first trip and it was amazing! 

We joined an all-in package tour so we didn’t have to worry about anything at all. We just rode the bus and voila!, we’ve seen famous tourist destinations. The downside of it was we were literally exhausted by the time we got to our hotel. We weren’t able to try pubic transportations, relax in a cafe, and to just stroll around the city. I guess that would be reason enough for us to go back there in the future. 


The meals included in our trip feature famous dishes from the specific place we are in at the moment. It’s good because if it were just V and I we could have just eaten anywhere our hungry tummies have taken us. That could be fastfood or places we might have thought have the most Korean ambiance. All the meals served to us were delicious and generous. Miso soup was always present as it symbolizes hospitality. Kimchi, of course, was there too. Our tourist guide said that kimchi is very good to our body because during the strike of SARS, lots of countries have incidents of it but Korea doesn’t have a single report about it. Studies have shown that kimchi as part of their daily intake, saved them from the disease.

What I like about being in a tour is that they tell you things you wouldn’t bother looking up in the Internet. Things like historical backgrounds, economic status and culture. Also, we were able to visit places hours away from the city, which again we might not have put some effort to commute to. 


Everland was part of the tour so even though I wasnt’t a fan of rides, we got to see the park. 

Kimchi making was also in the package so we got to try scrubbing in different types of spices into the lettuce. I thought it was fun especially for V who doesn’t have a clue in running the kitchen.


This trip refreshed me and my husband. It’s nice to spend time together again without the need to worry about our kids since they are in good hands. I pray that we would be blessed enough to afford a trip whether local or international every anniversary. Yes, I am with him everyday but there’s a part of me that misses him so much. 😊





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