Daily Prompt: Quicken

I’m a mom of two toddlers and there is nothing else I want right now than to have them grow fast!

Well, that’s a little exaggerated and I know I have silently wished for this to happen, but I have never bluntly said it because I know that one day I will regret doing so. The everyday stress and drama of my kids make me want to see them all grown up in a flash.

But life is a process and as a mom it is vital for me to see every milestone that they unlock. I don’t want to one day see myself skipping the moments we’re supposed to share and cherish.

And so, there is no escape in this crazy toddler life. I shall taste every bit of it, remember every tear my kids and I shed, dwell in all types of frustration and anger. Someday, I’ll look at them getting their diplomas or getting married, and I’ll forever be proud that I’ve raised them into who they’ve become.

via Daily Prompt: Quicken


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