Valentine’s Day 2017

I actually said to my husband a few weeks back, “Hey, take me out on Valentine’s day!” in a persuasive-I-shouldn’t-be-the-one-asking-this tone. He just laughed at my eagerness to go out on a date (which we haven’t done for a long time). And then I got a text from him while he was at work telling me to look for a restaurant to eat at on Heart’s Day. I was so excited I even downloaded apps that lets me explore different dining places. 🙂 

I miss my husband all the time. I miss the old days when it was just about him and I, when we were hooked at watching movies every weekend, when he used to hold my hands while strolling, when he used to serve me food, etc. We had to let go of so many things now that we have kids. Majority of both our attentions are with them and just a tiny bit is left for each other. At the end of the day, we’re  both exhausted from our busy, non-ending duties as human beings. All the romance is gone for now, instead our weekends are spent playing with our kids, we hold on to those little hands especially when outdoors, and we feed those tiny mouths with good food. What’s left of us as couple are those glances that aren’t romantic but more of on the parenting side.

Life as a married couple is totally different from our previous lives. We have to do a little bit of sacrifice so that we could form our kids beautifully. I’m just so glad that Valentine’s day gives us a chance and a reason to do whatever we want as a couple. 

I will always look forward to Valentine’s Day because it would mean hours spent with my husband, just us, no kids. Just a decent meal will do. 😊


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