Mom’s First Days In School

The past two weeks have been all about school. As much as Caleb tries to adjust in this new setting, I as his mom needed some adjustments too. I imagined school to be a place where moms meet, be friends and share stories of life. It’s where I’ll meet my child’s bestfriend’s mom and we’ll be bestfriends too, eventually. Haha. So, I told myself that maybe it’s about time that I go out and expand my very limited group of friends. 

First day came and I immediately noticed a group of moms in the waiting area who obviously are really close. It’s November and classes have started months before, so I assumed that they’ve already built some bond between them. I just observed and listened to their conversations, silently learning about each mom’s personality. 

I’m a very shy person. I’d rather you talk to me first before I talk to you. But nobody dared to talk to me. And waiting there in the corner for days is very awkward for me. I told myself I must make some moves so that they will notice me. I don’t think they’re mean, maybe they’re just too shy to approach me as well. Luckily, one of the moms is new. Her daughter is also sitting in so I thought she’s my person of interest. We’re both new and adjusting, we’re about the same age and we have common people we know. 

Slowly, I’m getting the hang of it although I still don’t talk that much. I’m half deaf and have a harsh voice because of my colds so I find it hard to talk. And getting into small conversations can be an effort for me. But I wanted to be in their group because I’m longing for mommy friends and these first days are the most crucial. So, despite my uncomfortable situation I sat beside them and mostly listened, smiled and laughed. 

Today, we had a boodle fight which they have planned weeks before. They have already sorted the food assignments and I thought it will be held in some other place so I didn’t ask about it. Then I figured it’s happening there in the school during our free hours so I have no escape. I couldn’t invite myself and no one’s inviting me that’s why I asked. I realized that my shyness wouldn’t take me places and that I have to step in. Since everything’s settled, I was assigned to bring softdrinks. 

So it happened. We enjoyed eating using our hands and somehow this event made me comfortable to be with them. I brought my mom’s specialty, Chicken Feet, and everybody loved it. I had fun chatting with them and I finally felt I belong. I also like the fact that these moms aren’t the social climber type. They are just normal people coming to school to have some time off like myself. We even had the nannys eating with us which I really liked because there’s no discrimination in the group. 

I’m happy that I’m finally able to go out of the house and have somehow found a new community. I’m excited to explore and learn more about this new chapter of my life. 


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