ClubGenil Baon

Starting Over Again

Today is Monday and is Caleb’s fourth day in school. He lost the ‘school vibe’ over the weekend, so today he cried again. Last Friday, he already got a hold of school and we went home in a good mood. Now, we’re starting over again. 

I pity him whenever he cries because I feel like we’re forcing him to do something he doesn’t want to do. But they say it’s normal. Some kids couldn’t adapt until their first month. 

I’m waiting for him to get dismissed as I write this and I’m excited to see whether he enjoyed school this time. Also, I want to check what he consumed in his baon. 

I prepared for him bear cookies, grapes sliced in half because I’m too paranoid of choking, Yakult and cheesecake from his Grandma. 

The verdict: he drank his Yakult, finished the bear cookies and had a few pieces left from the grapes selection. Yey! 🙂


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