Precious Hours That Refreshed Me

Today, I got to be with myself again. Gosh, it’s been a while! I feel like I’ve been stuck in the house for almost 3 years now that all I want is to escape motherhood. Imagine, 3 years with 2 toddlers?! That sure is exhausting.

It’s Caleb’s second day in school and I have an excuse to wait for him for 2.5 hours. Yesterday, I did stay but today I had some errands. Next week, I’ll just be dropping him off and picking him up because I don’t want to give my mom a hard time in looking after Yuri. So, this week is a little bit of freedom for me.

I went to the grocery and looked for clothes. Luckily, I found something that fits me despite the lack of choices. I also bought flats. Yes, I do personal shopping in the grocery now. I’m so happy that that supermarket not only sell food but also clothes and other things important for busy moms. I was also able to have a peaceful snack without minding about a toddler messing his shirt and hands. I had my Yakult Green Tea all for myself, too. Caleb loves the pearls in those kind of drinks and he ends up drinking the whole thing. It’s not like I don’t like to share because I’m willing to give everything to my kids even if I don’t get to taste it, but sometimes it just feels good eat in peace again.

I’m just so grateful for this day because somewhere out there, Bianca still do exist. Maybe not entirely at the moment because Bianca is defined as Caleb and Yuri now. Someday, I’ll have all the time for myself again.

Slightly ran away from motherhood,



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