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Stranger’s Words

I recently got back from a 4-day trip with my husband in Korea (will blog about it soon). We met new people during the trip because we were part of a group tour.

I met this woman who was traveling with her  daughter. She is a widow for 2 years now. She said her husband just didn’t woke up so they think he must have suffered a heart attack. She’s in her 50’s but still looks young and fit. She’s a woman of poise.

During the trip she told me things that made me say to myself, “She’s right!”

“Our children are our investment in life.”

I told her that I already have two kids, mentioning that the eldest is 2 years old and the other is 1 year old. I always emphasize on that because I want people to know that my life is not easy. Her advice? Make more babies. A minimum of four babies!

Being the tired mom that I am, I refused the idea. To be honest, I want my life back. I want some time for myself. I feel exhausted at times and I have years to wait before I can finally say I’m free. And having another baby is just a ridiculous idea for me (at the moment. maybe after many years we could consider).

“It’s what? About 10 years of self sacrifice before your kids can finally stand on their own. Yes, it’s a long period of having NO time for yourself at all, but these children you’ve raised will be the meaning of your entire being. After that, you can have all the time for yourself!”

Gosh, she’s right. Admit it, having just two children can be boring and sad. I have boys and they move out of the house, eventually. And my husband and I will be left alone. If would be nice to have a daughter who will look after us come time we become old.

I told her that other than the difficult situation of raising kids in close age gap, finances can also be an issue. Everything now is pricey and having another person to raise is out of our budget.

“GOD PROVIDES. Yes, it can be difficult at times but you’ll be surprised at how much help other people are willing to provide. Before you know it, another day has gone by.”

She’s right, again. The phrase God provides struck me most because He really does provide. She’s not saying that we shouldn’t worry about money because in fact we do. But having faith in God comes first. Entrusting to Him the entire family’s well-being is a priority and everything  else will fall into place according to His will and time.

Before the trip ended, she said she’d love to see me having more kids through Facebook. She emphasized that having children is best decision we can ever make.

It’s so nice to meet new people and somehow see a bit of their life. We don’t know each other that much. We weren’t close. We just happen to sat beside each other from time to time during the tour. We only knew about the basic information about each other, nothing deep. But here she is throwing advices that we can bring with us for life.

I am just so grateful for meeting such a wonderful woman. God bless her and her family. 😊


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