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A Trip

Five days from now, my husband and I will officially reach our second wedding anniversary. And two days from now, we’re off to out most awaited trip to Seoul, South Korea.

I told V that every year I want us to celebrate our anniversary in a form of travel. Not necessarily expensive and splurge-it-all kind, but anywhere to spend the whole day for just the two of us is fine (Yup, just us. NO KIDS). A hotel staycation or a mini getaway would be perfect.

This year, he told me that we should go to Korea since it’s both our dream to go there. We watch Korean drama series and it would be nice to actually see the place in person. He said now is the time because we haven’t started building our house and the kids doesn’t go to school yet. I was so excited and happy, I cried! Yes, I am a cry baby. πŸ™‚

After months of searching for promo fares and planning our itinerary, we got lucky and found an affordable all-in package that includes airfare, hotels, tours and meals.

So it’s happening soon. Just a few more days and we’ll have temporary freedom from our mind-blowing, everyday snapping, crazy yet fun toddler life. It would be the longest time I will be far away from my kids. I’m gonna miss them for sure but Mommy needs some time to recharge and have fun too. And I’m taking their Dad with me! Haha!

Excited much, B.


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