Daily Prompt

Daily Prompt: Candle

My son associates candles with birthdays or anything celebratory. We were watching Big Hero 6 and there was this part where families lit candles for the deceased professor and brother. Caleb was telling me in his toddler language that it was someone’s birthday.

I don’t know if my innocent 2-year old understands death yet. Well, if he sees an insect lying on the floor unconsciously, he tells me it’s dead. He might have heard the word ‘dead’ from me whenever I point out on a mosquito I successfully killed. I think he relates death to something that has ended or won’t happen anymore. But it’s only up to that point.

We humans are like candles – we have two emotions, either up or down. We are so vulnerable. One day we’re happy, next day we’re not. But that doesn’t mean we’re weak. It just means that we are alive and experiencing LIFE. It’s either we light up because we’re ecstatic or we burn ourselves with sorrow and frustration at times. 


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