Daily Prompt

Daily Prompt: Clumsy

I am a “by the book” kind of person. Meaning, I like things and activities organized and planned. I am free-spirited but unexpected things scare me.

As a mom, I’d like to know where exactly our destination is if we’re going on a trip. I want to know how long we will be staying there and what kind of environment we will be faced with. OC moms like me would understand that my main concern is about the quantity of clothes, diapers and milk to bring. Add to it all other necessities like snacks, toys, etc. I want to be armed in case something unwanted happens.

But life really doesn’t always go according to how we planned it. Despite how careful we are, we fall under the “trap” or challenges and become clumsy at times. Those clumsiness are the rocky roads we needed to take – no short cuts.

I got pregnant unexpectedly. That could be considered as a “clumsy” act. My then boyfriend and I had to deal (especially on my part) with all the talkings behind my back, the disappointments and the pre-marital dramas. But it wasn’t a dreadful phase because I decided to be positive. I closed my doors to those who judged me instead of supporting me.

Now, I don’t regret anything. Let me clear that, I never regretted anything. I mean, what could be more wonderful than bearing another human being/s to this world, right?

All the clumisness along the way happens for a reason. We can’t control it. We are destined for it. We just have to take it all and live with it, and eventually, life will be falling according to how you planned it. You don’t lose anything, you only gain learnings and experiences.

Love, B.



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