Daily Prompt: Promises

Moms make AND break promises. Yes, I am guilty of that.

Imagine a 2-year old whining because he was asked to stand in the corner for spanking his brother. Here comes my 1-year old spanking his older brother but doesn’t get reprimanded for it. I mean, where’s the consistency? What would my 2-year old think? Well, I just think that my 1-year old still doesn’t get the system so I just let him pass.

If you have kids like mine who are toddlers in close gap, your life would probably be about being bipolar – one moment you’re the sweetest mom a child could ask, the next minute you’re what they call a monster mom. So please, give me some consideration when I fail to keep my promises because my kids drive me crazy.

Here are a few promises I vowed to do. Some I managed to keep and others I..let’s just say no such promise was made. Haha!

To wake up every morning telling myself that I wouldn’t get mad.

To not shout at all cost. 

To not give chocolates or any treats unless they’ve had a proper meal.

To not give in to their requests despite unstoppable whinings. 

To brush their teeth everyday.

To not hate the indefinite times I needed to wash their bottles.

To act cool even at the verge of emotional explosion! 

To act interested in the animated movie you’ve seen many times. 

To see both kids as little angels and not rascals. 

Although, my life right now is a series of emotionally unstable events, the one promise I will solemnly swear to is to raise my kids into well-mannered, respectable, and lovable human beings. 

So far, the 2 years of mommy-ing shows results that I am pleased of. 🙂



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