Me Time? More of Sleeping Time


Anyone can relate to this?

This is actually my life. The highlight of the day for stay-at-home-moms like me with two toddlers is when I finally finished my chores and have put the kids to sleep. From then on forwards (maybe, until midnight?) it’s ME TIME.

I have a list to do during my ME TIME. Things that I used to love to do prior to having kids.





So when I’m finally settled, I’d choose among the list which is best to do for the night. I’d end up not choosing any. Why? I think all of it is too much effort! Remember, I’m still on call if the kids wake up for whatever reason and I should always be ready to run to them before they end up fully awake and start a new day.

Reading a book usually makes me very sleepy on the second page. Despite my eagerness to finish a book, I think that my eyes, my body, my entire human being refuses to do so.

Watching a movie takes too much time. I wouldn’t be able to finish it because again, kids wake up. The momentum is just gone if I needed to pause-play-pause-play.

I’m an OC mom and if I start organizing something I want it done on the same day. Sometimes, it also takes a lot of clutter to put away and night time is just not the right moment.

Series. Okay, this one is acceptable. I’m into Grey’s Anatomy which comes once a week. I watch it every Friday, so for the rest of the week I have none. Haha. V and I watch How to Get Away with Murder but it’s a couple thing and I wouldn’t watch it without him, that’s cheating.

After crossing out everything, I end up lurking into my phone on the couch until I find myself woken up by the sound of a loud bang, which is my phone falling off my hands. A sign that I fell asleep already. So yeah, I end my day so much different from what I expect it to be.

Yup, that duck right there is me.

Sabi nga nila, LOLA MODE!


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