Daily Prompt: Flattery

Being flattered means getting smitten and all red because someone has acknowledged you for something that you are proud of.

For me, it’s when

I get a thumbs up with my cooking. 

I get positive remarks with my entire human being such as being a good person, etc. 

I get recognized for being an acceptable and amazing mother. 

My kids have done something that made others happy. 

Being flattered is different from one person to the other. But all of it comes down to feeling happy and pleased with one’s self. It’s a joyful vibe and being joyous should always be present in one’s day.

I say, let’s always find good in every person that we meet everyday. Look at the positive things that that person has. Try to speak out what you think will flatter that person. Trust me, you’ll make his/her day one of the best. 🙂



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