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New Phase. New Life. New Beginnings.


I used to blog years ago when I was still single, and then I got married and had kids (or maybe the other way around). I decided to stop blogging mainly because of lack of time and privacy. It isn’t only about myself now, I jumped towards a more serious and fun chapter of my life – motherhood and marriage. Or let’s just say ADULT LIFE.

From time to time I still itch to just blabber and write things about my current life, and so, here it is, a new blog! My futuristic self tells me that this blog will serve as my heritage to my kids and grand kids. I want them to relive the moments we had – both happy and sad.

Just a disclaimer, this isn’t a wanna be socialite mommy blog. That’s just not me. I wear shorts and loose shirt everyday, with my hair tied up because I run around with my two toddlers who apparently, are both boys (double the fun! double trouble, too!). I don’t have photos of myself in heels and expensive dresses. Maybe, I won’t be in the photos at all because my life right now allows no self-care. Haha!

Real talk.

Simple living.

Happy life.

Family love.


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