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Pork Adobo

This is my second time to cook Pork Adobo. My first attempt was a success thus came this second batch.

The recipe of this is from my good friend, Marvin, who cooked for us back when I was living in Australia. He cooks it for 3 hours so the meat becomes really soft and tasty. I begged him to share with me the recipe and I’m glad that I’m able to let my family have a taste of it.

When Vincent comes back, I’ll try a chicken version. I hope it will turn out the same.

I never cooked Adobo because it has so many versions. Even my mom has different kinds which she cannot repeat anymore. She has had spicy, sweet, and salty styles, but they never had the same taste when done again. So, I thought cooking Adobo is really complicated. And I have a version in mind (the one from Marvin) which I don’t know how to cook. Luckily, he gave the recipe to me.

It’s so good. Now, we have an additional viand to choose from.

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PBJ, Ham and Bananas

I noticed that Caleb has been eating better lately. By better I mean, he eats SOMETHING compared to NOTHING (other than his milk and crackers). So, here I am putting extra effort so I could further encourage this toddler to eat.

He isn’t a peanut butter lover but these are pinwheels made of peanut butter and strawberry jam. He ate it all! Yey!

For protein source, I just gave him sliced ham. I also let him have that during breakfast but he refused to eat it. So, I was surprised that he finished everything from his baon.

Lastly, bananas. It’s my go-to baon because I know he loves it. Madali lang mangitim once peeled.

I pray and hope that he continues to increase his appetite. I really believe that eating with his classmates during recess made him a little interested with food.

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Chicken Charlie Chan

My mommy friend slept over with her daughter last Wednesday. We try our best to have regular playdates and sleepovers so our kids will have fun. Not to mention us, moms, too, when they’re already asleep. 

I prepared Chicken Charlie Chan for our dinner. This is super close to Yellow Cab’s Charlie Chan. Thank God for the ready made sauce with just a few touches to achieve the taste. 

For our late night bonding, we paired our beers with Nachos and Quesadillas. I made the nachos and Ibay made the Quesadillas. We almost finished everything! 

I look forward to our next sleepover and playdate. I do believe it strengthens our friendship and our kids will grow close to each other as well. 


Kids At Heart

I promised myself that I would always introduce my kids to something new whenever possible. I want them to experience things that would make them say ooohh, aahh, and wow. Things that would make them realize how amazing our world is and that there’s so much to see. 

Last Friday was Yuri’s 2nd birthday. My husband took a leave and I told him that we should do something different. I want to take them to the zoo since I know I can relate the animals to almost all the animated movies we see everyday. It would be easier for the kids to connect between reality and fantasy. 

Luckily, there’s an indoor zoo in Pasig, Ark Avilon Zoo, which is currently 50% off. It’s a small place but such a big dimension for my children. We got to feed a bearcat with bananas and crocodiles with chicken heads. There were also lions, tigers, jaguars and leopards. For such a small zoo, those wild animals were a plus. 

Although my kids couldn’t express themselves fully yet, especially Yuri, I know that they had fun. Caleb had a lot of questions and he was so game in feeding. He didn’t even get scared. His favorite was the tortoise. 

We also took the kids to Kidzoona. They’ve been there before but they were still excited and happy. 

It’s so nice to see our kids explore, experience and remember different activities. Caleb even included in his prayer every detail we did at the zoo. That I know he cherished every moment. I promise to continue letting them see the wonders of the world. 

Happy mom,


Daily Prompt

Daily Prompt: Imaginary

I taught my children how to play pretend. I thought at first that they wouldn’t get it but after several exaggerated act outs, I have instilled it in them.

Once, Caleb was holding a cup from the stacking toy set and I requested for him to make me coffee. He was clueless of what I meant. Then I instructed him to open the cabinet, inside is a dispenser where he can get hot water. Then he approached me while holding the cup and I told him to walk carefully because it’s hot. When he gave me the cup, I acted as if I dropped it and coffee was all over the floor. We then took a towel to wipe the mess.

I remember how much he laughed and liked the new pretend game of dropping the coffee. I was glad he got the idea. From then on, we leveled up to making hot Milo, blowing my birthday cake, eating ice cream, and munching on a spoonful of whatever food it was on their minds.

“Sssh, Yuri’s sleeping”, Caleb told me one afternoon. It wasn’t nap time so I doubted him. “Are you sure?”, I said. Then I checked on his little brother who was wide awake. I told him that he’s joking and he said, “Only pretend.” and giggled.

Kids’ imagination is so broad that sometimes I get startled at what my kids are playing. I’m so glad I was able to teach them the skill of imagination at an early age. It’s a stepping stone to something bigger which when they grow up can take them to places.

Let’s see what other things they can think of in the coming years.

Proud mom,



Acacia Hotel Staycation

I am a strong believer in having days off and vacations but having such privilege can be costly. So, being the practical mom that I am, I am in constant search for affordable and quality promos. 

I bought our voucher from Deal Grocer weeks before our vacation. After many comparisons to other websites (Agoda, Trivago, etc.), Deal Grocer still has the cheapest price. 

We are from Cainta so going to the South can be considered a new place for us. Therefore, making it a perfect staycation plan. 

I searched for areas to visit but it all led us to malls, which obviously isn’t something new. We then just spent the whole day at the hotel, swam for a few hours (it was cold!), had dinner, put the kids to sleep, and (my most awaited part) Kdrama with my husband with beers and chips. Isn’t it perfect? Everybody’s happy! 

I’m looking forward to our future trips with these two and my husband. They say, it’s better to spend money for memories and experiences rather than buying them toys. 

Happy mom,


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Creamy Garlic Pasta

When I cook, I always look for a recipe that has easy to access ingredients. Better yet, a dish that has ingredients that are readily available in the pantry. This is one of them. 

It was my first time to cook this, so I didn’t want to cook too much because chances are, if my family didn’t like it, I might end up eating my own mess. 

Ingredients are super basic:


All purpose cream



I know, it looks dull. I thought so, too. So I attempted to add canned tuna (which again, is in the pantry) but it didn’t taste creamy and garlic-y anymore. So, the tuna went inside the ref and who knows when it will reappear in someone’s plate again. 

My husband said it tastes fine. Fine to him is something acceptible and not something to remember. And yes, he said it lacks meat or anything else other than the pasta. Haha. 

Next time I make this, I’ll add up chicken and mushrooms. 🙂